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Doggy Wedding

Jun 3, 2003 — [quote]DERBY, Conn. - Call it puppy love.

Two dogs — Tatiana Anjelica and Tyson Beckford Spak — exchanged vows and slobbery kisses Sunday on the Derby Green. The bride even wore a little garter, slipped over her paw.

The bridegroom wore a top hat and tuxedo.

The ceremony had its origins last year, when the two dogs were mated by their owners. But the owners' children wanted to know how the pair could have puppies if they weren't married.

"I love it because it's silly," said Laura Sambrook of Ansonia, a guest who had prepared a wedding cake, made from dog food and cheese snacks.

About 10 other canines were in attendance. Donna Garatoni brought her own 1-year-old Yorkie and Chihuahua cross, Phoebe.

Was she looking for a husband?

"Maybe, she'll meet one here today," Garatoni[/quote]

If this isn't a slap in the face to homosexuals, I don't know what is. Dogs can get married, but they cannot. Heh.

Aesopian says:

Maybe the homosexuals can find someway to fit into some "dog" category, as part of a loop hole. Don't think about what I said too much, or you'll hurt yourself.

DataBind() says:

<hides under a bridge>
What if some people are born polygamistic, the way some homosexuals are "born gay." Should they be allowed to have more than one spouse, since to deny them such would be discrimination?

Aesopian says:

You know, trolls live under bridges. Just ask any goat.

DataBind() says:

Man, you totally scared all the fish away.

Jackson says:

I thought Gays could have something like a marriage - I believe it's a "union ceremony" and a "union" instead of a wedding and marriage. Maybe I'm thinking of something else, though.

I'm just wondering what the pets are thinking. What if they had a one-night stand and now despise each other, and here they are being married by their owners? Perhaps they should consult with the Pet Pyschic....

Dylia says:

I think dogs could care less whether their owners marry them or not, because they are all cheating sluts anyway, so it doesn't change a thing.

DataBind() says:


Dylia says:

I love dogs, but you can't claim they are all that faithful (sexually). They they are loyal to their masters though.
I want a Chinese Crested really bad, personally.

DataBind() says:

Is that one of those small, quasi-dogs that yap?

DataBind() says:

Nope...I was thinking of something else.

[link http://www.akc.org/breeds/recbreeds/chincr.cfm]chinese crested[/link]

Dylia says:

Yep, that is the one. I like them because they are hairless (for the most part).

DataBind() says:

As I get older, I too am becoming hairless (for the most part).

This doesn't seem to increase other's fondness of me.

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